2018 Temple Divan

Noble Anthony Anderson, Illustrious Potentate
Noble Eric Holmes Sr.,  Chief Rabban
Noble Dale J. Pleasant, Assistant Rabban
Vacant - High Priest and Prophet
Noble Craig Shumate, Oriental Guide
P.P. Ronald Thompson, Treasurer
P.P. Carl Jones, Recorder
Noble Barry Hackey, 1st Ceremonial Master
Noble Lewis Brangman, 2nd Ceremonial Master
Noble Derek Novell, Captain of the Guard
Noble Henry R. Smith, Marshall
Noble Patrick Jones, Outer Guard
P.P. Jerome Albright, Court Advisor

Imperial Leadership

P.P. Carl D. Parker - Imperial Potentate A.E.A.O.N.M.S.
P.P. Otis D. Wilson - Imperial Deputy of the Desert of Maryland
P.P. Andre L. Atkinson - Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Rockville